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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving and Pie

And shooting.

It has been a wonderful holiday so far. Turkey Day was a glorious winter day, dry and cold and bright. I cleaned house and dishes while the beautiful BSU made a terrific, traditional Thanksgiving Feast. There was all the usual fixings, a huge turkey, (I'll be eating leftovers for a few days!) potatoes and stuffing and gravy and green bean casserole. Deviled eggs in abundance and fruit salad and breadrolls, everything one can imagine, with the exception of Mel's cinammon jello. I have to find a cinammon red hot candy source!

Anyway, there was pie! Pecan pie and pumpkin pie, fresh from the oven and filling the house with wonderful smells. And filling my tummy every time I get a chance!

Astin brought his parents for a visit and we had a wonderful time, though he had an upset tummy and upchucked on to his new high chair that I bought just for the occasion. Boy and chair are fine and so are mom & dad. She's in training at her job for a new department that sounded like a promotion, though she didn't say so and he's found a call center job for a cable company, helping folks get their cable internet connections working. Now I just need to do some picture posting!

Friday, since the weather guessers were calling for it to be dry, son Noah, his friend Donovan and I headed out to the desert for some shooting. We started out by 4-wheeling in the truck for an hour because we didn't find the correct turnoff. we even found one steep, loose rocky trail that we could not get over and had to back down until there was room to turn around. When we finally found the place we wanted to be, we hunted jackrabbits for a bit, (they all survived!) and then just did some casual plinking until it was time to head home.

And today, as promised by the weather guessers, it is snowing in our yard and all the yards around us! This is the first stor of the season to bring snow to the valley, and it is overdue! maybe skiing season will get started soon.

Now, I'm getting some breakfast and then I must write a paper for school! And there's a gunshow I may sneak out to later...

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